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Tally Course in Aligarh

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Tally Course in Aligarh

Introduction to Tally

Tally is basically a PC software which is generally used for bookkeeping purposes by small and huge scale industries It is a bookkeeping software where all the Banking and Reviewing, Bookkeeping works are finished with the assistance of the software. The Count Course is of 90 days customary based course

Company Info Menu

  • Select Company
  • Shut company
  • Create company
  • Alter company
  • Security control
  • Change tally vault
  • Split company data
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Tally audit feature

Accounting Information

  • Accounting Configuration & Features
  • Group Creation
  • Multiple Group Creation
  • Ledger Creation
  • Multiple Ledger Creation
  • New Voucher Creation
  • Advance Ledger Creation

Inventory Information

  • Inventory configuration & features
  • Inventory info. Menu
  • Stock groups
  • Stock categories
  • Stock item
  • Unit of measurement
  • Bills of materials
  • Locations / Godowns
  • Batches & Expiry
  • Inventory voucher types
  • HSN Code Updates

Voucher Entry

  • Accounting voucher
  • Inventory voucher
  • Optional & non-accounting voucher
  • Order processing
  • Advanced voucher entry


  1. Display financial statements (Display balance – sheet, configuring the balance sheet, Integrate accounts with inventory, setting closingstock manually in the balance sheet with different stock valuation methods)
  2. Display profit & loss A/c(configuring profit & loss A/c , income/expense statement instead of P&L) 
  3. Display trial balance (configuring in trial balance) 
  4. Display registers & ledgers (display sales register , purchase register, cash book , bank book, journal register, day book, statement of accounts

Introduction to GST

  1. Concept of GST
  2. Rate of GST
  3. GST in other countries
  4. Categories of GST
  5. Other concepts.

GST (Goods & Services Tax)

  1. Start Using Tally.ERP9 For GST Compliance
  2. Activating GST For Your Company 
  3. Setting Up GST Rates
  4. Updating Stock Items and Stock Groups for GST Compliance 
  5. Updating a Service Ledger for GST Compliance
  6. Updating Sales and  Purchase Ledgers for GST Compliance
  7. Updating Party GSTIN 
  8. Creating GST Ledgers
  9. Creating Income and Expense Ledgers
  10. Recording Sales and Printing Invoices 
  11. Recording Purchases
  12. Recording a Tax Payment
  13. Sales – Nil Rated,
  14. Exempt, SEZ, and Deemed Export
  15. Recording Sales Returns
  16. Recording Purchase  Returns
  17. Recording an Advance Receipt from Customer
  18. Recording an Advance Payment to Supplier

Recording Journal  Vouchers for Adjustments Against Tax Credit

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